HOMEOPATHIC solution for your HEALTH CARE problems in Budapest

`living abroad`….…language issues, cultural changes, getting around, relationship problems, work stress…. things in daily life can just add up…. physically and emotionally!

Whether experiencing tension headache, skin complains, gastro-intestinal problems, reccurent infections, backache, influeza and so on... Homeopathy can be the solution for your problems as it triggers the body to react and counteract the underlying condition causing those symptoms.

Receiving proper medical treatment can be hard in your own country. It is even harder when you're an expat who is already dealing with the stress of living abroad.

In our clinic we work with well-trained professionals who can listen attentively. By giving you the adequate time to understand your complains and personality they are able to give you the appropriate homeopatic remedy which helps you to get better.

 We also recognize when homeopathy is not the best solution to your problem and able to refer you to the competent local professionals. Our referrals to the colleagues are based upon years of collaborative experience in the best interest of our clients…..people like You.


Achieving physical and mental harmony

With our modern life we slowly accepting chronic diseases to became part of our life, as it would be normal. We have lost the true meaning of health and we are using more and more medications to minimalise the disconfort, to reduce the pain and suffering. However it doesnt mean that we feel better.  Often drugs cause side effects and do not address the root of the disease, the cause, only the symptoms.
Nevertheless we are packed with drugs many of us are not satisfied with their lives. /e-Magine Art, Flickr/
We go though emotional traumas which affect our state of health.

The fact that the body and the soul is related to one another and that this relationship affects our health is widely known and accepted by now.  The standard medical care does not take that into consideration when treating a disease, a person with a disease.

The WHO (World Health Organization) defines health as a physical, mental and social well-being and not merely as the absence of disease.

We can consider ourselves healthy when we are satisfied with our lives and have no emotional or physical complaints or in other words we live in a physiccal and emotional well-being.

Homeopathy seeks to treat the whole person by recognizing that that whole person – body, mind and spirit- is affected when there is an illness.