About Homeopathy


Homeopathy is a complete healing system. It recognizes that our soul and emotions are connected to our body and to our diseases. Our symptoms are signals that draws our attention to the fact that the balance is disturbed.

Have you noticed that whenever you have too much stress and responsibility in your life you to tend to fall sick much easier? You may always get herpes in those times or you feel your shoulders and back hurts more often? The same is true about children. They just more vulnerable when they have an exam period or trouble with their friends, they might get stomach ache or ear infection after hearing their parents arguing.

Homeopathy is effective because it restrores the balance of the body and the soul, by using a method of taking into consideration your unique symptoms and qualities. For example most likely you would get a different remedy for your headache then your husband.

How does homeopathy work?

Homeopathic remedies stimulate your body healing capacity.
As an example It boosts your body’s immune system to get rid of the bacteria instead of attacking the bugs themselves while destroying those bacteria as well which are helping your body to function normally.

As more and more researches are done in physics and biology, we are getting closer and closer to understand scientifically why homeopathy works so wonderfully.

What kind of diseases can be treated with homeopathy?

A wide range of diseases can be treated with homeopathy.
In homeopathy the exact diagnosis isn’t that important because we are working with the symptoms of our patients.  By giving the right homeopathic remedy these symptoms will disappear as the bodys balance gets back to normal, including all the physical, emotional and mental symptoms that the patient had.

We can help in cases of frequent headaches, migrane, allergic reactions or asthmatic attaches or if  someone is suffering from menstrual problems or has difficulty to get pregnant.  Childhood diseases can be treated successfully such as reaccuring ear infections, upper respiratory illnesses. There are specific acute remedies which help u to overcome any influenza like symptoms such as fever, sore throat, coughing, vomiting, diarrhea.

What happens during the homeopathic consultation?

During the consultation we are trying to understand all your symptoms in the most detailed way.
By understanding all your symptoms we are also aiming to understand your personality as well. The kind of things that effect you and how u get effected by them.
We always respect how much the patient wants to tell us about his or her life.

Can I use homeopathy with my regular medicines?

Homepathic remedies could work alongside the allopathic treatment.
We always recommend that you take all your allopathic medications the way it was prescribed by your primary care physician up until  he or she feels the need - based on your missing symptoms - to decrease them.